10 Most Annoying Phrases?

This list is purported represents “linguistic mangling and overused buzzwords in a database called the Oxford University Corpus”, as reported in a new book, Damp Squid: The English Language Laid Bare, by Jeremy Butterfield.

Oxford Researchers List Top 10 Most Annoying Phrases

1 — At the end of the day
2 — Fairly unique
3 — I personally
4 — At this moment in time
5 — With all due respect
6 — Absolutely
7 — It’s a nightmare
8 — Shouldn’t of
9 — 24/7
10 — It’s not rocket science

I dunno. With all due respect to the folks at Oxford, at the end of the day they shouldn’t of included “24/7”, which I personally think is a useful addition to the language.

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