Tote that bale!

Travis Kavulla at National Review Online.

It’s Obama Day in Kenya

Nairobi, Kenya — It must be the first time one country has celebrated the election of another country’s president with a day off. But that is just what has happened here in Kenya, where President Mwai Kibaki, with all the caprice of an African leader, has declared today a public holiday in honor of Barack Obama, whose father was Kenyan. Work is at a standstill, banks are closed, as are all government offices and most shops. (Ironically, Kibaki’s 2007 campaign slogan was ‘kazi iendelee’ — let the work continue.) Bars, however, are open and people are still hawking Obama paraphernalia and stars-and-stripes apparel. And then there are the glue-sniffing street children, who continue to beg. Sad that the first concrete effect of an Obama presidency on Kenya would be to further depress the productivity of a country that could really use a booster shot in that department.

Next thing you know they’ll be agitating for a 60-hour work week.

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