Enter, pursued by a bear

James Surowiecki says uncharacteristically little in this NYer piece: Wall Street seems to like T-Sec-designate Timothy Geithner, and said Geithner is a not-so-bad choice.

Pretty clearly, the article was an excuse to use a great title, a Shakespearean stage direction paraphrased from The Winter’s Tale.


… Weep I cannot,
But my heart bleeds; and most accursed am I
To be by oath enjoin’d to this. Farewell!
The day frowns more and more: thou’rt like to have
A lullaby too rough: I never saw
The heavens so dim by day. A savage clamour!
Well may I get aboard! This is the chase:
I am gone for ever.

Exit, pursued by a bear

Alas, poor Antigonus: pursued, caught and consumed.


Go you the next way with your findings. I’ll go see
if the bear be gone from the gentleman and how much
he hath eaten: they are never curst but when they
are hungry: if there be any of him left, I’ll bury

Will the bear eat Mr Geithner? Stay tuned.

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