What, me? Tasteful?

Well, so says the estimable and eclectic Jorn Barger of Robot Wisdom, characterizing Pragmatos as a “Tasteful econ and lit blog” (for which thanks).

Frankly, it’s the the way I would have described it, but looking back on my recent postings, I’m obliged to admit that it’s a fair cop.

As to the econ aspect, Jorn’s mention spurs me to observe that there’s an abundance of good and accessible economics writing on the net these days, from a wide range of more-than-respectable economists who are prepared to make their work comprehensible to a general readership. An interest in matters economic seems to be a prominent part of the 21C Zeitgeist, and the fact that good economists can’t seem to agree on even simple propositions makes the discussion more interesting. Economics isn’t physics, but its debates bear more than a passing resemblance to some of the outer reaches of current physics (cosmology springs to mind; there are other topics as well). Economists can’t agree on the effect of a rise in the minimum wage? Well, medical researchers can’t agree on the role of salt in hypertension. These are complex subjects.

Some of my favorites are blogger and NY Times columnist Paul Krugman; Dean Baker; Mark Thoma; Brad DeLong; James Hamilton; and several others, including a number of posters at Angry Bear.

Joseph Stiglitz and James Galbraith don’t blog regularly (if I’m wrong, please let me know), but their stuff shows up frequently in other forums, and is generally linked by one of the above blogs

Which reminds me: this is a community of interest, with cross-blog debates and lively and even informed comments.

Oh, and charts. Economists like illuminating charts, and so do I. Here’s one from Zubin Jelveh, via Kevin Drum: S&P 500 final-hour volatility.

S&P 500 final-hour volatility

Anyway, thanks, Jorn.

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