Black Friday Godblogging

From Fr Marc, via Sr Juliann.

For our money is the Lord’s, however we may have gathered it. If we provide for those in need, we shall obtain great plenty. That is why God has allowed you to have more: not for you to waste on prostitutes, drink, fancy food, expensive clothes, and all other kinds of indolence, but for you to distribute to those in need. Just as an official in the government treasury who neglects to distribute wealth as he is ordered (spending instead on his own indolence) pays the penalty and is put to death, so also the Rich Man is a kind of steward of the money which is owed for distribution to the poor. He is directed to distribute it to his fellow servants who are in want. So if he spends more on himself than his need requires, he will pay the harshest penalty hereafter. For his own goods are not his own, but belong to his fellow servants.

— Fr John Chrysostom, on Lazarus and the Rich Man

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