St Peter and the miserable worms

Andrew Brown.

St Peter and the miserable worms | Andrew Brown

I think now McClatchey was right, and I was wrong to say that the Anglican Communion ended this week. The Anglican Communion actually ended at least 20 years ago, almost as soon as I started to write about it. There might be a federation of churches, more or less united by affection and common ancestry, but there would not be a single body with a common understanding of who was a priest, or a bishop, or what these titles meant. That is why the Pope has parked his tanks on the lawn that was once Runcie’s. But at the same time, I wonder if Runcie, too, was not right all along, and that one day, despite all the best efforts of Pope John Paul II, a woman will not walk through the doors of St Peter’s and be received as a priest. After all, gay people have been doing that for centuries.

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