Vernon, Florida

I loved Errol Morris’s 1981 56-minute documentary when I saw it all those years ago. Finally, I see, it’s available on DVD. I thought you might like to know. Amazon tells me it’s been out since 2005…

Here’s Netflix’s blurb. I’m not sure why I’m quoting it, since it doesn’t really come close to capturing what I dimly remember, but here you are.

Documentary filmmaker Errol Morris (famed for his quirky subject matter) stays true to form with this series of interviews with denizens of a small backwoods town. Morris mixes it up with such unique citizens as a die-hard wild-turkey hunter, an elderly couple who vacationed at a nuclear test site and returned with sand they insist is growing, a worm farmer, a 93-year-old man who thinks his pet turtle is a gopher and others.

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