Reid on health care

TR Reid III.jpgT.R., not Harry (and what does T. R. stand for? surprisingly hard to find out).

Reid was on KQED’s Forum yesterday, on tour for his new book, The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper and Fairer Health Care. The book came out of his reporting for the Frontline production Sick Around the World, which I’ve recommended before (and still do).

Reid visited a longish list of developed countries, looking at how they manage their health care. His viewpoint is refreshing free of wonkiness, though he does have a good grasp of the facts and issues. The fundamental first step, Reid asserts, is to make the moral choice of providing universal health care, and then work out the details. It would sound hopelessly naive were it not for the fact that every developed country in the world except for the US has managed to accomplish it, with lower costs and better outcomes.

Go to the Forum page or iTunes for the interview; it’s worth your time.

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