Solving race, made simple

Roger Clegg, at the National Review Online’s The Corner, would like to “improve black culture” (or at least parts of it). Who knew it could be so simple?

2907FC47-2131-4266-979F-5264D4D5B63A.jpgRace Relations, 2009

So, how do we address the racial stratification? A central task is to improve some parts of black culture—most obviously by addressing the fact that seven out of ten African Americans are born out of wedlock. It is illegitimacy that results in the bunching of black people in poverty and unemployment and prison. Fix that problem, and there won’t be much left to improving race relations.

Now, on racial preferences. …

It turns out that it’s all those “black people in poverty and unemployment and prison” that are responsible for bigotry:

The reason for bigotry today is not that it is taught by the government or in school or even at one’s mother’s knee, but that the bigots observe the disproportionate number of African Americans who are poor or jobless or in prison or whatever, and conclude that there is something wrong with the whole race. This is unfortunate, but so long as these disproportions occur, it will happen

Where do they find these guys?

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