Rick Warren, appropriately

I didn’t have anything much to say on the Warren business, so let’s surrender the pulpit to IOZ.


Just in time for the feast of Sol Invictus, American sun god Barack Obama has declared that megapriest Rick Warren will deliver the hocus-pocus at his coronation. I doubt we’ll have to look very hard for the hilariously predictable outrage. It occurs to La Digs, again, that to the Democratic party, Progressives are a reliable voting bloc whose pet concerns can be winked at and discarded. Forever. Remember: Progressives are the audience for Whatsammatta wit Kanzis. Oh, do they ever wonder how the poor hicks of the heartland can forever give their affirmation to a political party that doesn’t actually give one shit about them! How mysterious is the human heart! How unusual the mind!

Of course, Barack Obama knows, and Joe Biden knows, and Nancy P. and Harry R. know, that if Barry O. dons the scarlet robes of an emperor and has himself crowned Grand Moff of the Universe by the Pope, the Dalai Lama, and the Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, Progressives will still come out for the party, before returning to their blurgs to murmur darkly about the traitorous thanksralphery of “purists,” whose uncompromising un-commitment to lesser-evilism makes them an eternal target of proggie ire. “The perfect,” they cry, “is the enemy of the good.” True. But so is the bad. The problem with the Democratic Party is not forgivable imperfection. The problem is that the Democratic Party is evil, vicious, and wrong. Is Rick Warren a vacuous moral apologist for American exceptionalism? Yes! The word for his selection is: appropriate.

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