philosophy bites

philosophy bites is “podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics.” Each podcast is c. 15 minutes long, and new ones show up about twice a week. The topics are wide-ranging, and the discussions are of interest to interested non-professionals as well as professional philosophers in other fields.

A sampling of recent bites:

Simon Blackburn on Plato’s Cave
Mary Warnock on Philosophy in Public Life
Stephen Law on The Problem of Evil
John Cottingham on The Meaning of Life
Miranda Fricker on Epistemic Injustice
Barry Smith on Wine
Alain de Botton on The Aesthetics of Architecture
Anne Phillips on Multiculturalism
Edward Craig on What is Philosophy?
Roger Crisp on Mill’s Utilitarianism
Adrian Moore on Infinity
Anthony Grayling on Atheism
David Papineau on Physicalism
Timothy Williamson on Vagueness
Jonathan Wolff on Disadvantage
Simon Blackburn on Moral Relativism
Brad Hooker on Consequentialism
Peter Adamson on Avicenna
Mary Warnock on Sartre’s Existentialism
Jonathan Rée on Philosophy as an Art
Tim Crane on Mind and Body
Anthony Kenny on his History of Philosophy
Quentin Skinner on Hobbes on the State
Onora O’Neill on Medical Consent
Stewart Sutherland on Hume on Design
Angie Hobbs on Plato on Erotic Love

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