OpenSTV 1.1

OpenSTV 1.1 has been released.

OpenSTV is a Python-based program with a reasonable GUI for counting elections using a variety of STV and selected other rules. I’ve been participating in the project in a small way as a developer; so far I’ve worked mainly o Mac OS X support. Standalone versions of the program are available for OS X and Windows—no need to install Python, etc.

STV (which stands for “single transferable vote”) is a class of election methods that allow voters to rank their choices, and then produces (in multiple-seat elections) proportional results. The single-winner version of STV is known as instant-runoff voting (IRV) or the alternative vote (AV). STV is also known as ranked-choice or preferential voting.

I’ll be posting more about elections and voting; in the meantime, if you need to count an STV election, download a copy of OpenSTV and go to it.

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