Don’t Point That Thing At Me

Don’t Point That Thing At Me is the first book of Kyril Bonfiglioli’s Charlie Mortdecai trilogy (After You with the Pistol and Something Nasty in the Woodshed round it out). Don’t Point dates to 1972 (Bonfiglioli died in 1985), but the books and the author are new to me.

I stumbled on the audio version of Don’t Point That Thing At Me and listened to it while commuting. It was quite wonderful, perhaps as much because of Simon Prebble’s narration as Bonfiglioli’s writing. I won’t bother with a description—you can find plenty of that via Google.

The books are available from Amazon, the audio from the iTunes store. If you have access to the 20 Sept 2004 issue of The New Yorker, you’ll find an appreciative review by Leo Carey which, despite the link from Wikipedia, does not appear to be available online.

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