Shared depravity

Andrew Brown on the Lancet study.

helmintholog: 600,000 and deNazification

… At about the same time [1951], a poll found that 37% of Germans thought it would be better for Germany to have no Jews on its territory, and 25% of them had a good opinion of Hitler.

This doesn’t prove the unique depravity of Germans, only their depravity. …

I doubt that even convinced opponents of the war want to believe something that terrible has happened as a result of our actions, or inactions. I don’t know whether it is worse to think now that we could have done more to stop the war, or to reflect that we could do no more than we actually did. But if we opponents must look away as they pass the rows of corpses, why should we expect that supporters of the war should face the facts when they have so much more at stake.

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