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Beyond Belief: A Buddhist Critique of Christianity, by A. L. de Silva. The host (The Buddhist Society of Queensland) comments,

This is the electronic version of a Book printed in Sri Lanka. It is reproduced here to make its contents known more widely. The original book contains no mention of publisher or of a copyright notice. Little is known about the author.

I’m not so sure that “little is known about the author”. A little googling finds De Silva described as “an Australian convert to Buddhism” and a “distinguished Theravadan scholar”. His Homosexuality and Theravada Buddhism is widely available on the web.

From the table of contents:

Ch 1. Introduction
Ch 2. Christian Arguments for God’s Existence
Ch 3. Why God Cannot Exist
Ch 4. God or the Buddha — who is the Highest?
Ch 5. Fact and Fiction in the Life of Jesus
Ch 6. A Critique of the Bible
Ch 7. Buddhism — the Logical Alternative
Ch 8. How to Answer the Evangelists
Ch 9. Conclusion

(via Ron Avitzur by way of Wikipedia)

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