Sunday God[less]blogging

Interview With A Godless Conservative:

DarkSyde: You’re an atheist, what does that mean to you and why are you one?

Brent Rasmussen: It means that I am a human being in which god-belief is absent. Please notice the lack of the mention of an actual god (whatever that is). Atheists are folks in whom god-belief, of any kind, is absent. Conversely, theists are folks in which god-belief is present. Simple, really. It’s an off-on, black or white proposition. Either god-belief is there, or it’s not there.

Philosophically, I hold the same position as George H. Smith — that the word “god” is literally incomprehensible. A blank. A semantic null. I make the further claim that it has a mutable and changeable meaning that is wholly subjective and is different for each and every individual human being on the planet, each and every time they use it — thus rendering it nonsense. Dangerous nonsense, to be sure, but nonsense all the same. The reason that I am an atheist is that the only other choice in this binary spectrum is complete and utter lunacy.

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