Freshman senator art

Al Franken draws a very respectable map of the fifty US states from memory [1:20 video]. No doubt, it took some practice and a degree of skill at drawing, but one can’t help but wonder how most national politicians would do at even being able to name all fifty states.

(The linked video is sped-up without the accompanying banter, there are several other renditions with audio available by searching for “Franken map.”)

While we are considering our politicians displaying their handicraft at art, why not have them (voluntarily) take SAT tests as well? By no means do I suggest that the highest score is most qualified, but if these tests are good enough to rank the academic abilities of students they should be good input for voters assessing the mental faculties of people for public office. General knowledge, a grasp of math, history, science, and language skills are all important prerequisites to public service.

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