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Oct 3 / Jonathan

One for Woody

Eric Von Schmidt played a concert at New College on 6 October 1967, three days after Woody Guthrie died. Eric promised “one for Woody”, and delivers here.

Audio MP3

It’s been 47 years. Celebrate “with a wet belly and a dry eye!”


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  1. Pearl Baies / Oct 6 2014

    Thanks, Jon–what a treat!

  2. Tim Snyder / Oct 7 2014


  3. Jh bailes / Nov 6 2014

    i loved von schmidt. Went out and played with him a couple of times at his home on the key.

  4. Jonathan / Nov 6 2014

    He was a sweet, sweet man. In all the chaos of the 1970 concert, that fact shines through. And musically adventurous; I loved that.

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