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Dec 29 / Jonathan

Health spending vs longevity

With apologies for the rather large image size, here’s a depressing graphic from the National Geographic via Andrew Sullivan, who comments:

This National Geographic chart, which I stumbled upon while reading that magnificent magazine on the airplane, truly blew me away. If anyone can look at this and not see a simply insane way to distribute health care, a system so inefficient no socialist country could ever replicate it, then they have stronger rationalization skills than I possess. …


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  1. Scott / Jan 2 2010

    Having just finished Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, it’d be interesting to tease this apart a bit. He outlined other factors influencing life expectancy. see

    What would such an experiment look like? How do you isolate those with coverage from those who don’t when the underlying interest has to do with sociological factors?

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