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Jul 1 / Jonathan

Random gripe

Is it really asking too much that AC adapters identify the device they’re intended to connect to?


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  1. MJS / Jul 19 2008

    Apparently so. Then of course, if you try to look at the little label that identifies the voltage and current and polarity, you can’t read it without a magnifying glass.

    I think we need to get AARP on this, right away.

  2. Jonathan / Jul 19 2008

    I should probably have added my household hint: there’s a silver Sharpie that writes visibly and not-too-delibly on black plastic. I’ve been using one to label all my adapters.

    Of course, that leads to another gripe, which is that Sharpies dry out way too fast, and there’s never a working one around when you need it.

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